Voice and Video Services

voip_serv_pic-1 In remote, challenging and off-shore locations, the effective running of your operations, and the morale of your personnel, can be adversely affected by poor communications. SkyStream provides reliable extra value-added applications to meet all corporate needs.


Through the deployment of state-of-the-art technologies, SkyStream can extend the range of any local GSM network to any location – on- and off-shore – using our VSAT connectivity. This enables the use of mobile for both voice and data applications (using any kind of smart phone including iPhone and Black Berry services*), and eliminates the need to pay expensive satellite or GSM roaming calls.
*conditional on local operator providing relevant packages


Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) telephony services provide high quality and cost effective communication which allows users to make telephone calls over the internet from very remote, isolated locations, to anywhere in the world.

TV on Demand

SkyStream’s recreational IP-TV service provides customers operating in remote locations – on and off-shore – with on-demand, high-quality streaming for movies, news and sports shows. This is an expansion of our standard VoIP and internet service provided to military and civil defence customers in ME, North Africa and central Asia.

Services to answer all your needs